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Setting up Active.com

You wiill need to go to the below link to set up your account. Under the box labeled Top Fundraisers you will see  "Individuals: Click Here to build your personal fundraising page".  Click that and you will be directed to sign in or create a new password if you haven't registered with them before.  You will need to create a username and password.  Next it will give you a title and you must supply your name with no spaces to the end of the web address.  It needs to be different than last year, like changing the year.  Next it will take you to a page where you can customise your own webpage.  Just write a short note of why you are running and why you want people to donate to you cause.  (I have a sample of mine under sample dontation letters subpage 1 at the left tab.)  You can add an image if you like, but you don't have too.  Next set your goal and how your want your donors displayed.  The layout and color schemes are already set for you.  At the bottom right you can preview it.  You want to make sure you hit save and finish when your done. 
At the top you will find a tab for send emails.  This is the form you can fill out and add all your contacts that you plan to ask to help you.  Make sure you save your active.com address book as this will help when you want to send thank yous.